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Vastu for Kids Room: A Complete Guide for Children Well-Being

Vastu for kids’ rooms, a facet of the ancient Vastu Shastra, provides valuable guidelines on how to design and organize a child’s room to promote their well-being, concentration, and overall growth. Creating a harmonious and positive living space for children is of paramount importance in their development. By harmonizing the energies within the room, Vastu principles aim to ensure that children thrive in an environment that supports their physical and emotional development. In this guide, we’ll explore various aspects of Vastu for kids’ rooms, including color choices, bookshelf positioning, sleeping direction, and much more, to help you create an ideal living space for your child.

Layout for Kids Room

Vastu Shastra emphasizes that a child’s room should be anything but dull. When discussing a typical arrangement for a kids’ room, it should strike a balance between fun, recreation, and discipline. It should exude energy, optimism, and be adorned with inspirational thoughts and quotes. 

Additionally, the room’s entrance should be located in the East or Northeast direction, with the door opening in a clockwise motion.  According to Vastu Shastra, a clockwise layout of the children’s room fosters wisdom, wit, and brightness in their lives.It’s important to avoid hanging boards on the door of the children’s room, as per Vastu, as this can draw negative energy and promote egocentric behavior.

Vastu Tips for Children Room Furniture

The arrangement of furniture in a children’s room should be carefully considered, as excessive furniture can clutter the space and potentially hinder a child’s mental and emotional development. Therefore, it is important to balance. When positioning the furniture in the room, remember to leave a few inches of space between the furniture and the walls to avoid overcrowding.

In addition, here are some key considerations when arranging furniture in a child’s room

  • The positioning of the bed is crucial, according to Vastu for children’s rooms. The ideal direction for bed placement is in the Southwest direction. The child should sleep with their head facing either the South or East, as this promotes restful sleep and pleasant dreams
  • Under no circumstances should a child’s head point towards the North while sleeping, as it can lead to disrupted sleep patterns and ultimately affect their health
  • Wooden beds are preferable over metal beds, as metal beds are believed to attract negativity and create an unhealthy environment.
  • It’s essential to avoid placing a child’s bed in close proximity to a bathroom. A bathroom directly in front of the child’s bed can have a negative impact.
  • As per Vastu, there should be no mirrors in front of the bed, as this can be unsettling and disrupt sleep.

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Vastu Tips for Study Table and Chair

The study area is a critical component of a child’s room, as it’s where they spend a significant portion of their time completing homework, preparing for exams, and engaging in learning activities. To ensure optimal study conditions and support a child’s academic performance, consider these Vastu guidelines

Study Table Direction: The study table should ideally face the North, East, or Northeast direction to enhance concentration and focus.

Clutter Control: Keep the study area clean and free of clutter. An organized study area promotes better concentration and helps children stay alert and focused.

Minimalism: The study table should not be overcrowded with unnecessary items. Keep it simple and include only essential items like a globe, relevant books, and necessary stationery.

Table Shape: Choose a study table with a square or rectangular shape, as these are considered optimal according to Vastu.

Light Colors: Light or neutral shades are recommended for the study table and chair. Colors like cream, blue, and white are ideal, as dark colors are believed to generate negative energies.

Wooden Furniture: Opt for wooden study tables and chairs, as they are preferred over metal furniture, which may attract negativity.

Cloth Drape: Consider draping the study table with a light cloth to eliminate any potential Vastu Dosha in the children’s room.

Vastu Tips for Closet and Wardrobes

Closets and wardrobes play a significant role in the energy flow of a room, according to Vastu. Proper placement and choice of material and color are important considerations to ensure a harmonious environment. Here are some Vastu guidelines for the positioning of closets and wardrobes

Direction: The best direction for placing a closet in a children’s room, according to Vastu, is the Southwest direction.

Cabinets for Toys and Books: Cabinets for toys, books, and other belongings should also be placed in the Southwest direction for consistency with Vastu principles.

Choice of Material: Avoid marble or stone closets and opt for wooden or iron-made ones.

Light Shades: Choose light shades like pastels, cream, and white for closet colors, as they promote a positive and healthy environment.

Vastu Tips for Bookshelves

Bookshelves are valuable additions to a child’s room, promoting creativity and curiosity. To create a positive environment for learning and personal development, consider these Vastu guidelines for bookshelves

Direction: The best direction for a bookshelf in a children’s room is the North. Alternatively, it can be placed in the East or Northeast direction.

Avoid Center Placement: Do not place the bookshelf in the center of the room, as it is considered inauspicious and may attract negative energy.

Material: Opt for wooden bookshelves, avoiding marble or stone materials.

Avoid Clutter: Keep the bookshelves organized and uncluttered, as it helps create a conducive atmosphere for children’s future development.

Vastu Tips for Doors and Windows in the Children Room

Doors and windows are essential for allowing the flow of air, energy, and light in a room. Proper positioning and design are important considerations for creating a positive and vibrant atmosphere in a children’s room. Here are Vastu tips for doors and windows in a children’s room

Door Placement: The door of the children’s room should not directly face the bed, as it can attract negative energy and potentially affect a child’s sleep performance. The ideal directions for doors are East and North, with the option to install them in the Northeast direction. Single-shutter doors are preferred.

Window Placement: Windows should be positioned in the East or North direction, as this welcomes positivity and wards off negativity. Avoid oversized windows, as an optimal size promotes well-being in a child’s academic life. Windows should be made of glass or mirror, and it’s advisable to install them in even numbers, excluding ten.

Material Choice: Windows and doors should not be made of metal. Glass or wooden materials are preferable. Ensure that windows are kept unblocked to allow fresh air and positive energy to circulate, especially in the morning.

Few more Vastu tips

  • Children’s exposure to electronic gadgets should be monitored and minimized. Vastu offers recommendations to keep electronic items
  • While choosing colour for Children’s Bedroom avoid choosing green or red shades in a West of South West room as it can disrupt the Vastu balance of the children’s bedroom and lead to health challenges, such as frequent coughs and colds, as well as a negative impact on their academic performance.
  • Neutral shades like cream, ivory, beige, and off-white can be used in any direction for a kids’ room to maintain Vastu harmony.
  • Certain colors can be selected based on Vastu, such as gray or yellow shades in the West and South-West, and green or blue shades in the North or East.

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