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Many astrologers create fear by not giving proper information while telling astrology, guiding about the future. Some extort money in the name of astrology but it does not benefit the people at all. But Dr. Shri Pavan Sharma Guruji is an exception to all this. When I went to him with my problems, he never behaved like this instead he guided me for my prosperity


First of all i would like to thank Guruji for helping out to sort out my problems with which i went to him. His advices and the pooja that was been asked to perform by guruji has helped me and my family a lot. Thank you guruji. today i got a chance to share my experience here i am very thankful

Deepthi P

I had visited Pavan Sharma guruji 2 years back he had shown me a great path it was very simple though best it was successful in my life. It whole heartily thank Pavan Sharma guruji for this.

Shankar S