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Vastu for Factory: Increased Productivity, Growth, and Profit with Industrial Vastu

Vastu for Factory and Industries

The principles and aspects of Vastu are applicable to every place where we spend a significant part of our day. This includes not only our homes but also our workplaces. Whether it’s our offices, industrial plants, manufacturing units, shops, or showrooms in commercial complexes, every space emits a certain energy in accordance with its Vastu. The effects of Vastu Dosha (imbalances), if present, can be experienced by everyone working in these spaces.

Depending on the product and the manufacturing processes involved, as well as the specific market needs that the industry serves, industrial plants can be aligned with Vastu principles to enhance productivity and increase profits.

Vastu Significance for Factory and Industries

Vastu Shastra is an architectural science that aims to create building designs that harmonize with the natural elements. These elements, namely air, water, fire, earth, and space, are fundamental aspects of nature, and most of the objects we encounter are somehow related to one or more of these elements.

This principle applies to buildings of all types, including homes, offices, restaurants, and factories. When a building’s structure and design adhere to the principles of Vastu Shastra, it acts as a conduit for positive cosmic energies. This, in turn, amplifies the beneficial aspects of Vastu, promoting well-being and positive outcomes.

In the case of factories, if the Vastu is favorable, it can greatly enhance production quantity and quality. It also reduces the likelihood of machinery breakdowns and workplace conflicts, facilitating an increase in orders. Ultimately, Industrial Vastu contributes to the growth of the business, leading to higher profits.

Here are important points to consider to increase productivity, Sales and Profit with Industrial Vastu

Plot/ land Vastu for factory

The primary consideration for establishing positive Vastu for a factory begins with the selection of the plot, which encompasses both the land and the factory’s area. The shape and slope of the land play a pivotal role in this assessment. A square-shaped plot is regarded as the most favorable for Vastu, and if the terrain has a slope, it is essential that the incline runs from south to north. This inclination holds significance as it dictates the allocation of dry and wet zones within the factory.

Additionally, it is imperative to pay attention to the boundary walls. To ensure good Vastu, having compound walls is a prerequisite. Often, certain sides of the walls may need to be slightly higher or thicker than others to achieve optimal Vastu for the factory.

Location Vastu for Factory

In the realm of Industrial Vastu, the next consideration is the positioning of the factory within the confines of the boundary. Typically, the factory is placed within the area in a manner that allows for the creation of a surrounding corridor, as well as designated space for a parking lot and vehicle passage. It’s essential to ensure that the West and South sides of the compound are not left vacant, as these directions are considered highly auspicious.

Furthermore, the location of factories within the South-West, South-East, and South zones is regarded as the most favorable for Vastu in the industrial context, believed to contribute to enhanced profitability for the business.

Vastu for the Main Entrance of Factory

Another vital factor to consider is the orientation of the primary entrance within the factory, a pivotal aspect that greatly influences the overall Vastu of the establishment. Aim to position this entrance along the eastern wall of the factory.

While it’s common for factory units to have multiple entrances, it’s advisable to designate the main entrance as the largest and most prominent among them. Additionally, ensure that these gates are aligned with the directions mentioned earlier. Encourage both staff and the logistics department to primarily utilize the main gate for entry and exit.

Office Vastu for Factory

Each factory facility typically includes an administrative office situated within its premises, responsible for overseeing paperwork and monitoring the factory’s operations. In essence, this administrative office serves as the nerve center of the factory. Optimal Vastu suggests positioning this office either in the West or South-West directions. Additionally, it is advisable to arrange the workspace for the owner or top manager in a manner where they face North or East while conducting their work.

Storage area Vastu for Factory

Each industrial facility typically includes a dedicated storage area for holding raw materials prior to processing and finished goods before dispatch. For an auspicious Vastu arrangement, consider locating the raw material storage house in the ENE (East-Northeast), East, or ESE (East-Southeast) directions. Conversely, position the storage house for finished goods in the North-west section of the factory compound. This strategic placement promotes efficient dispatch processes and contributes to the factory’s potential for generating favorable profits.

God Idol Placement vastu for factory

Every industrial facility should have its own small puja place. Position the god’s idol within the North East zone of the factory, which is associated with Lord Shiva and is believed to bestow blessings upon the Vastu of the factory. Commence the day’s work with a prayer offered at the temple, and be mindful not to clutter the area around it. Additionally, remember to keep a lit lamp in front of God’s idol to attract positive energies.

Vastu for Maintenance Workshop

Each factory typically includes a maintenance workshop for conducting repairs. According to industrial vastu , it is advisable to position this workshop in either the South or South West zones of the facility. Conversely, it is strongly discouraged to locate it in the North East or Central zones of the area

Placement of Toilets and Bathroom as per Vastu for Factory

The presence of a toilet facility within every factory shed is essential. The quantity of toilet units required is contingent on the size of the factory’s workforce. Irrespective of the quantity, it is crucial to position the restroom area in accordance with Industrial Vastu guidelines. The recommended directions for locating the bathroom area are either East-South-East, West-North-West, or South-South-West.

In addition to this, careful consideration should be given to the placement of the septic tank. Ideally, the septic tank should be situated between the West and North-West (WNW), East and South-East (ESE), or South and South-West (SSW) directions. This strategic positioning helps contain and neutralize any negative water energy, contributing to the overall positive Vastu of the factory.

Vastu for Factory Machinery

There are 2 kinds of machineries present, beside the heating equipment. These are heavy and light machinery. Regardless of the type, it is advised to keep them in the South-East or South sides of the compound. However, make sure to avoid placing the same in North East or North Westcorners altogether.

Vastu for Placement of Water tanks, Pumps in Factory

The positioning of water-related structures is of utmost importance in the context of Vastu for factories, much like the placement of heating equipment. These structures encompass underground water tanks, overhead water tanks, water pumps, bore wells, and the like. For optimal results, the majority of these structures should be situated in the North or North-East zone.

Specifically, it is advisable to place the overhead tank in the South-West region while avoiding the North-East zone entirely for this purpose.

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