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panchanga bhavishya_ samruddhi vastu
The five organs of Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are called Panchanga, a
Read more/lessbook that describes them. In this alphabet, Tithi, the Varadhis along with the Samvatsas, the Aayana, the Masadas, the days spent in the month, the eclipses, the saints, the planetary conditions, poisons, immortals, etc., are useful for horoscopes. Along with these are written the prefixes of these five organs…
Simple vastu tips
Vastu Shastra is one of the major organs of Indian astrology and Vedic scriptures.
Read more/lessIn the ancient heritage of India, temples and houses were built on architectural basis. The same is still the norm today The prevailing. Vastu: Shastra is also used in the construction of navigation, vehicles and seating. Construction, length – width, height, texture, color, movement of light, materials used in construction…
The Invisible Crystall provides detailed information on Indian astrology,
Read more/lessAyurveda crystals and their uses. There are many types of crystals. Navaratnas have a special place in them. There are many different types of crystals available, and if you wear appropriate crystals based on the horoscopes and figures of individuals, success and success can be achieved…
expert black magic removal in bangalore
The black magic is a type of magic, where supernatural powers are used for
Read more/less selfish purpose, to do harmful thing using the evil spirits. Black magic takes one’s life in a complete negative path. Black magic affects human beings mentally and also physically. You may face problems in the house. Black magic creates invisible health problems.  Black magic leads you to keep faith in the person who has done magic on you. Here in this situation, you won’t be able to keep your mind in your control. You will be in constant worries, feel like committing suicide, feel like moving away from all the people. And many more symptoms like above, confirms that you are in control of someone by black magic.  The best approach for black magic removal is our Shri Pavan Sharma Guruji. Get relief from the problems of black magic by guruji expert in astrology.
Black Magic
In present days people face problems in very early stage of marriage.
Read more/lessThat may due to the marital stress the couple face. Or any other reasons. At the end they tend to move towards divorce. To strengthen your relationship and lead a happy life with  your  partner Contact Pavan sharma guruji.
Every married couple wishes to have a healthy and beautiful child.
Read more/less Unfortunately, every one is not blessed with this gift of God. Several times expert doctors and medical science fail to predict the possibilities of a child for couple. Here is the time you go for astrological remedies. The role of star and their planets, the role of planets in the horoscope which is responsible for a child is important to understand. Hence understanding the astrological analysis related delayed child birth or childlessness will help clear the problem associated with the child house in a horoscope. So now you are at a right place. Leave Worrying about childlessness and talk to guruji on this problem. He is the right person to provides you instant help for resolving this problem.
Are you facing loss in business or you want to grow your business in
Read more/lessless time?? Looking for solutions to the business-related issues? To run a Family as love is important money is also equally important. Are you facing issues in your current job you are working ? Or not satisfied with the growth of you business? Get in touch with Pavan Sharma Guruji and get solutions for all sort of business and job related problems.
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Vastu shastra which brings Peacefulness

Vastu Shastra is one of the major organs of Indian astrology and Vedic scriptures.  In the ancient heritage of India, temples and houses were built on architectural basis.  The same is still the norm today. The prevailing  Vastu Shastra is also used in the construction of navigation, vehicles and seating.  Construction, length – width, height, texture, color, movement of light, materials used in construction |  Tithi to be built – weekly There are tens of topics covered in Vastu Shastra.  Vastu is the meaning of ‘Vastu’ which means to live in the house.  In Parliament, ‘vastu’ means any immovable object, commodity, baggage, wealth, property, physical object.  Vastu has traditionally been the focus of the Agama Law.  Here is the Vastu Purusha Mandala, an important part of Vastu Shastra.
Read more/less He created the Vastu Mandala based on directions, and today ‘architecture’ is quite popular as it is used everywhere, including the construction of houses and modern buildings.  Built and built on the basis of proper guidance and architectural principles, it enhances happiness, peace, tranquility, health, wealth and well-being. The Invisible Crystall provides detailed information on Indian astrology, Ayurveda crystals and their uses.  There are many types of crystals.  Navaratnas have a special place in them.  There are many different types of crystals available, and if you wear appropriate crystals based on the horoscopes and figures of individuals, success and success can be achieved. ‘Jothi’ means light, ‘shya’ means darkness. Astrology means light in the darkness.  Astrology is one of the allies of Indian traditions. Astrology is clear and precise ancient science. Astrology, which has been inherited from centuries of experimentation, experience, and practice, is also known as astro-science. The universal argument of astrologers and pundits is that astrology is the guiding principle of life. Although there are clear directions on tens of thousands of such things in astrology, some astrologers are interested in money, without proper study, half-knowledge, half-aware, we often hear and see people exploiting for popularity.  While some people misbehave with a lack of knowledge about traditional science, such as astrology, some go astray without proper study.  In such a case, it is the responsibility of a true astrologer to present astrology with its ideas scientifically and logically.  It is the astrologer who has carried out such a task without any propaganda, without expectation, as an astrologer, it is the responsibility of the astrologer, the astrologer gem, the social bond, the universal friendly Sri Pavan Sharma Guruji.

Shani Mangala Dosha

Jyotishya Shastra

Consult the top astrologer in Bangalore, Pavan Sharma guruji for delayed marriage or late marriage problems.
Shani Mangala Dosha is considered as a curse in the Hindu culture. It is said that women and man having Shani mangala dosha will face unnecessary troubles during the marriage.

Reverence for Pavan Sharma Guruji

Guruji has helped many people by providing the solution to Shani mangala dosha and have changed the life of numerous people. Devotees keep faith in guruji they invite him to the marriages to get blessings for the couple.

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Get solutions for your problems from JYOTHISHYA RATNA 
Shri Pavan Sharma Guruji

Ayurveda Forever

The ancient ayurvedic solutions to all the healthcare needs under the guidance of  shri pavan sharma guruji.

About Shri Pavan Sharma Guruji

Shri pavan sharma guruji is originally a family of astrological and religious background from raichur district lingasgur taluk. Shri pavan sharma guruji’s grand father devendrappa shastri had possessed a profound mastery of astrology and vedic science. Over time, his family moved from lingasgur to Bangalore. Shri pavan sharma guruji’s father parashuram pandit has gained considerable scholarship on astrology and Vedas. Thus, shri pavan sharma guruji has got astrology lineal descent from his ancestors.

Shri pavan sharma guruji is the first of three children of mr. and mrs. Sharanamma parashuram pandit. Gurji’s brother kunal chakravarthi and sister bhoomika have chosen their own professions. Shri pavan sharma guruji continues astrology.
pavan sharma guruji

Community programs for world welfare

The Vedas say that puja becomes fruitfulness, If a country is to be healthy, prosperous, happy and peaceful, Frequently the worldly welfare work must be done without any personal selfishness or interest.Because nowadays this kind of social services are seen very minimal. So this made Shri pavan sharma guruji to start a trust ‘samruddhi’ through which they have organized many social services, people’s services and world welfare programs.

Every year samruddhi trust Recognizes about 3000 students from economically weaker families in society and donates free notebooks, pen, pencils and other necessary things for their education.

Srhi pavan sharma guruji has sucessfully conducted ‘ shri shreenivasa kalyanotsava’ and ‘navadurgi chandika yaaga’ at bangalore palace ground which were witnessed by thousands of people and millions of people praise guruji for their work and contribution for society.

Past from 12+ years, shri pavan sharma guruji giving shows in RED FM and Radio FEVER have gained the recognition as astrology R J by providing solutions to these shows callers. Sri pavan sharma guruji’s FM programs got their fame not only in Karnataka but also in other states as well. Shri pavan sharma gurji got followers as Bangalis living in Bangalore and other states. Like the proverb ‘kereya neerannu kerege chelli ’Apart from astrology, shri pavan sharma guruji also involved in social services so many well known cinema stars, famous politicians, businessmen and common peoples come to shri pavan sharma guruji for solutions to their problems, and they have

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FAQ -Frequently asked questions

Astrology helps in two plane. one material, this helps to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses. On other side it helps in spiritual plane,  where it helps you to understand the mission in this life. If you believe in Astrology it will surely helps you to get through the difficulties.

If you believe science you can believe Astrology too as its a super science. Some important discussions on the same can be seen in the following link .

Astrological predictions are all dependent on the human being’s behavior.  Astrology provides clear picture of human being, but only a competent astrologer can interpret the picture correctly. Predictions of astrologer may go wrong, this does not depicts the failure of astrology. Its a mistake by astrologer. 

Past, present and future are all interconnected. Past deeds affects the present hence with present future predictions are possible. 

You can rely on any of the above, until you feel you are being guided correctly. 

Vedic Astrology is the part of astrology which was developed by the ancient sages of India, and has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. It is one part of the vast store of Vedic knowledge, which includes the sciences of Ayurveda and
Yoga, to name only a couple. 

Not really . Vastu Shastra is believed and applicable all over the world and all vastu rules remain the same.

No. Vastu shastra is not religion specific

 5 elements on which vastu shastra is based are Water, earth, air, fire and space are the

 Yes. Men and women have different energies and hence vastu will  affect – men and women in a different way.

few of the rationlist consider Vastu Shastra as pseudoscience.

Salt is not only a ingredient used in kitchens in India, but the uncrushed salt is used as an vastu dosha removal ingredient in housholds. It is considered to  absorb all the negative energy from home

Vastu shastra helps in better and healthier life, but is not essential factor for living.

When someone faces the problems in work, family, finance, physical health problems or mental health problems indicates that you are under black magic. 

pavan sharma guruji

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