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With years of experience in the field of Vastu Shastra, Dr. Pavan Sharma Guruji is well-known for his exceptional knowledge and expertise. Dr. Pavan Sharma is committed to providing personalized and effective Vastu solutions to his clients, ensuring that their homes and workplaces are harmonious, balanced, and prosperous. Whether you're seeking guidance for a new construction project or want to make positive changes in your existing space, Dr. Pavan Sharma is a trusted and reliable Vastu consultant in Bangalore.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra has been a popular and a significant branch of science for over a thousand years now. The Vastu consultation specialists know specific regulations that help create a peaceful and harmonious environment in the buildings they consult on. Furthermore, it's said that following Vastu Shastra principles can improve one's health, happiness, and financial situation.

Vastu, in simple terms, is a science that balances the five elements in nature, resulting in a harmonious and prosperous life for the individual. The five elements - sun, moon, wind, gravity, and fire - work together to create a balance between the material and the man. This is an ideal way to assure harmony and activate energies around you for a happy and prosperous lifestyle.

When the elements of earth are not in balance, it can lead to problems like sorrow, agitation, and failure. Vastu Shastra is a perfect solution to help you live in harmony with the elements of nature. It can help you have a peaceful and healthy life while being efficient and successful in every aspect of life.

Vastu Shastra - the science of Vastu - can help us to improve our surroundings, eliminate the negative effects of environmental stress, and improve our health and happiness.

Vastu applies to every aspect of our life - whether we are looking at a residential or commercial property - and can help in matters relating to health, wealth and happiness.

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Why Vastu Consultation is Crucial?

Best Vastu Consultant in Bangalore

Bringing in Good Fortune

Following Vastu advice when it comes to property can help bring good fortune to the space.

Top Vastu Consultant in Bangalore

Spreads Positivity

Vastu consulting is an important way to ensure positive energy flow throughout your space.

Best Vastu Consultant for Office in Bangalore

Keeps Negativity at Bay

Home construction that follows the principles of Vastu Shastra can help to remove negative energies from the home.

Best Vastu Consultant for home in Bangalore

Harmonising Energies

Vastu is an ancient Indian practice that brings harmony to the natural elements and balances out the energies.

Healthy Relationships

A decluttered space means peace and harmony in our relationships with our loved ones, according to the principles of Vastu.

Vastu Consultation For All Realty

Residential Vastu

  • Vastu for Flats

    If you're hoping to bring good luck and positivity to your living space, it's important to follow the right Vastu principles. Make sure that your flats are always on the northeast and eastern side for the best results.

  • Vastu for Independent House

    When you have the freedom to choose where to build your house, always go for an independent house on the northeast side. This will ensure good energy and fortune for the space.

  • Vastu for Bungalow

    Vastu planning is a traditional form of architecture most commonly found in India, According to Vastu, it's best to build bungalows in a square or rectangular shape for the maximum benefit of residents.

  • Vastu for Penthouse

    According to Vastu Shastra, the south and west directions are considered good for construction. So, if you're planning to build a new home or office, make sure to avoid the east and north directions.

  • Vastu for Farm House

    Keeping the main farmhouse building in the southwest, west, or south direction of the plot will help to ensure better energy flow according to Vastu principles. Cottages can be built all over the land, but following these directions will help create a more harmonious and balanced space.

  • Vastu for Apartments

    Constructing the main entrance of an apartment complex in the northeast or east direction is said to bring positivity and fortune, according to the principles of Vastu.

Commercial Vastu

  • Vastu for Shops

    As suggested by Vastu Shastra, shop owners should face the north or east directions while sitting inside the shop in order to attract customers and positive energy.

  • Vastu for Office Spaces

    The accounting department should sit in the southeast corner of the office space. This enhances company growth and welcomes wealth.

  • Vastu for Industries

    As per the principles of Vastu, the northwest direction is said to be the best for placing and ensuring the continuous flow and movement of finished goods. This, in turn, is said to increase sales.

  • Vastu for Lands and Plots

    Vastu dictates that commercial lands and plots should ideally be situated in the north direction, as this is believed to bring good fortune and positive energy to businesses.

  • Vastu for Institutions

    When creating the entrance to your Institutions, make sure to leave a little space in the northeast or east direction. This will help concentration and add positivity to the space.

  • Vastu Hotels and Restaurants

    A hotel or restaurant with a kitchen on the southeast side and an entrance in the east or north direction is said to bring good fortune and better results to the space.