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Vastu for Hotels and Restaurants to Enhance your Business

Vastu for Hotels and Restaurants to Enhance Your Business Growth is becoming increasingly crucial in the modern hospitality industry, where the quality of services and facilities provided to customers plays a pivotal role. However, the construction and long-term maintenance of a hotel is a complex endeavor. To enhance your chances of success, it is prudent to adhere to Vastu principles for hotels and restaurant.

Choice of Hotel Plot

Selecting the plot for your hotel is of paramount importance in Vastu. Opt for a plot with shapes like rectangular, circular, square, octagonal, or hexagonal. These shapes are believed to attract prosperity and wealth.

Location of the Hotel Plot

The location of your hotel can make or break its success. Vastu advises that the hotel should ideally have all sides facing the road. If this isn’t possible, ensure that the north and east sides face the road

Area of the Hotel

Creating a spacious hotel allows for the unhindered flow of positive energy while adhering to essential Vastu for hotels and restaurants principles. It is advisable to maintain open spaces, especially in the north and east, as these areas are thought to be enriched with a higher concentration of positive energies. Additionally, the ideal orientation for the land’s slope is towards the north-east, in alignment with Vastu practices.

Location of Rooms

For rooms within the hotel, place them in the South-west direction to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Floor Planning

Design the ground floor for the reception hall and a small cafeteria. The room floors should be clean, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable.

Placement of Fountains

Decorative elements like water fountains are great for attracting guests. According to Vastu, place them in the east, north, or northeast directions in open and spacious areas.

Vastu for Hotel Kitchen

In Vastu for hotels and restaurants, it’s recommended that the restaurant’s kitchen is situated in the south-east direction, believed to bring good fortune and positive energies. An essential aspect to consider is avoiding the proximity of the kitchen to the restroom, as per Vastu principles, to ensure a pleasant and hygienic ambiance for your dining establishment.

AC and Electrical Items

Install air conditioning units in the southeast direction, and for other electrical items, consider the east, north, or northeast sides.

Toilets and Bathroom Placement

Bathrooms within the rooms should be located in the north-west or west to ward off negative energy and maintain the hotel’s positive energy.Toilets should not be situated near the restaurant kitchen, and their walls should not touch the kitchen walls

Vastu Colors for Hotels and Restaurants

Use warm colors like yellow, cream, orange, blue, or brown for the interiors to create an attractive and inviting ambiance.It’s advisable to refrain from incorporating gray or green hues into your design, as these colors may have the potential to create a sense of disconnection or disinterest among your guests.

Swimming Pool Location

According to Vastu for hotels and restaurants, it is advised to position the swimming pool in the north-east, north, or east direction. This strategic placement is believed to enhance the positive ambiance and can make the pool area more inviting, potentially attracting more customers to your establishment. It’s essential that the pool area is spacious and open, aligning with Vastu principles to maximize its positive impact.

Seating Arrangement

Arrange tables and chairs according to the magnetic axis and prioritize comfort. Ensure that the seating area is on the ground floor to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere to customers.

Water Fountain in the Lawn

For restaurants, placing a water fountain in the lawn is considered auspicious, preferably in the north-east direction.

Storage Room

The storage room should be in the south-west direction, providing ample space for storing raw food materials.

Cash Counter

Position the reception and cash counter in the north or east direction, as these directions are believed to be favorable for financial transactions.

Natural Plants

Utilize real, natural plants near windows and entrances, as they are believed to bring positivity and health to the restaurant’s ambiance.

By adhering to these Vastu guidelines, you can enhance the overall energy and ambiance of your hotel or restaurant, potentially improving its success and reputation in the competitive hospitality industry.

Vastu for Fast Food Outlet

For instance, if your specialty is serving hot meals, consider having an entrance on the East or South-East side. This can promote growth and boost your restaurant’s popularity. Regarding the interior, there’s no need for elaborate decor, especially if your focus is on quick, grab-and-go service. However, your interior should prioritize convenience, enabling customers to swiftly choose, pay, pick up, and depart. The arrangement of food preparation is crucial. Pre-cooked food items should be positioned in either the North or West, depending on the nature of the dishes.

Equally important is the orientation of the kitchen itself. The placement of heating appliances like stoves and ovens should ideally be in a specific corner, with the South-East corner often being the preferred choice, although this may vary based on the type of dishes you prepare. Lastly, the cleaning area, inclusive of the sink, dishwasher, or steamer, should be situated in the West direction. These considerations are valuable when reorganizing or renovating your fast-food outlet to achieve optimal results.


Depending on the specific food or beverages you specialize in, it’s important to ensure that the entrance of your establishment faces the appropriate direction. For instance, if your focus is on serving hot food, consider an entrance on the east or south side, as this can potentially expand your business and enhance its popularity. Regarding the interior design, there’s no need for extravagant decor, especially if your primary service is grab-and-go. The interior should prioritize practicality, allowing customers to browse, pay, pick up, and depart efficiently.

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