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Vastu for Bungalows and Villas: 18 Tips to Create Harmony in Homes

Vastu for Bungalows and Villas holds significant importance. Constructing a bungalow demands meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, entailing extensive consultations with various experts. Among these, Vastu expert play a pivotal role in the bungalow’s development, emphasizing the significance of Vastu Shastra. Our Vastu expert – Dr Pandit Pavan Sharma, elucidate why Vastu Shastra is crucial for bungalows, highlighting how placement influences the energy attracted to the home.

It is a known fact that not all bungalows can adhere to ideal Vastu principles. However, dismissing it entirely is not advisable. Vastu is not a religious practice; rather, it is a proven scientific approach for achieving balance in the elements of a house. Following Vastu principles for a bungalow can lead to a more content and fulfilling life.

Harmonize with nature by incorporating Vastu Shastra tips for bungalow planning. This article provides insights into Vastu principles, guiding you in planning your bungalow to ensure fortune and happiness.

All You Need to Know in Bungalow Planning as Per Vastu

Application of Vastu principles to your bungalow promises prosperity and tranquility. However, Vastu Shastra for bungalows and villas involves meticulous attention to every detail, covering Vastu-compliant plots, rooms, furniture placement, and selecting the right entrance direction. Specific Vastu-compliant directions and placements are detailed in the following sections.

Vastu For Bungalow Plot

Acquiring a plot is a challenging task involving extensive documentation, consultation, and verification with experts. Compliance with Vastu rules is a crucial aspect of expert consultations. Our Vastu Expert aid owners in adhering to Vastu guidelines, ensuring luck and prosperity. Even in the presence of Doshas, remedies can nullify them.

Vastu Shastra For Bungalow Plot Shapes

Some shapes are deemed favorable or unfavorable in the context of Vastu Shastra for planning bungalows. Unfavorable shapes encompass L-shape, triangular, semicircular, circular, or oval plots. Conversely, rectangular or square-shaped plots are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Additionally, cow-faced plots (Gaumukhi) and lion-faced plots (Shermukhi) are considered favourable, each with particular criteria.

Vastu For Bungalow Surroundings

Plot considerations include avoiding proximity to temples, steering clear of large trees, and ensuring power poles do not disrupt the northeast corner’s water flow. The entrance should face north, north-east, or east, with consultation necessary for southern entrances.

Vastu Tips for Main Entrance Gate

The entrance acts as a gateway from the external world to the comforting home space. Vastu Shastra recommends north, east, north-east, and west directions as favorable for entrance gates, while remedies are advised for entrances in unfavorable directions.

Placement Near the Entrance Door

The entrance door, crucial for drawing positivity, should not be surrounded by negative elements. Recommendations include avoiding dustbins, broken furniture, and placing a threshold of wood or marble. Adding symbols like a black horseshoe and divine symbols enhances positive energy

Living Room Vastu For Bungalow Planning

Establishing an inviting home requires a living room aligned with Vastu principles. Proper furniture arrangement, adherence to Vastu Shastra color guidelines, and harmonious decor introduce positive energies into the living space.

Placement Of Furniture

The living space stands apart from a hotel room by emanating a homely ambiance.. While multiple pieces of furniture and decorative items can be added, strategic placement is key. Vastu suggests placing heavy furniture such as sofas and couches in the southwest or west direction. Electronic appliances like TVs and air conditioners should be in the southeast. For those incorporating dining spaces, placing them in the southeast or east facilitates easy access to the kitchen.

Coloring The Wall Palette Right

The living room reflects your style and perception, making choosing the right hues crucial for maintaining color harmonization and tranquility. Vastu recommends lighter shades such as light pink, beige, white, and cream. These colors are associated with purity, calmness, warmth, and perfection. Decor should complement the primary color, with bold colors for curtains and cushion covers, while avoiding negative symbols.

Decor To Match Home’s Vibration

The decor should contrast with the primary color, creating a balanced and happy living room. Curtains and cushion covers in bold colors bring vibrancy. To ward off negative energy, avoid adding paintings with sorrowful messages, fix non-functional electronic appliances and watches, and discard damaged decor items.

Pooja Room Vastu Tips

A Pooja room is integral to a bungalow, ensuring serenity of mind, body, and soul. Constructing it according to Vastu Shastra for bungalow Pooja rooms is essential. The Pooja room should be placed in the northeast corner, with doors and windows facing east or north. The entrance door should have two shutters without a door closer, cupboards positioned in the west or south, and warm or cool-toned lights.

Bedroom Vastu Tips

Positive vibes in the bedroom involve specific placements. The master bedroom should be in the southwest corner, the kid’s room in the west-facing corner, the guest room in the east-facing corner, and the study room in the southeast. Bed placement, doorways, and other items have designated Vastu recommendations.

Vastu Tips For Staircase

Staircases should be in the southwest, following a clockwise direction. Square or rectangular shapes are ideal, and the space under staircases should not be used as a bedroom.

Vastu Tips For Kitchen

The kitchen, linked with better health and family motivation, should comply with Vastu Shastra for bungalow kitchens. Placement should be in the southeast direction, with the person cooking facing east. The preferable size is 80 square feet or slightly more.

Vastu For Bathroom And Toilets

Bathrooms and toilets should be constructed in the northwest or north portion, avoiding south, southwest, or southeast directions. Maintaining the correct height, aligning toilet seats properly, placing mirrors appropriately, and positioning appliances contribute to adhering to Vastu principles.

Vastu for Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in the northeast is considered auspicious for water bodies.

Vastu for Garden

Garden placement in the north or east enhances energy flow. Avoid thorny plants, maintain regular garden cleanliness, and strategically position large trees to enhance positive energy flow.

Vastu for Basement

Basements in the northern or eastern part are ideal. Avoid negative activities, ensure proper lighting and ventilation for positive energy flow.

Vastu Tips for Study Room

The study room’s ideal location is in the northeast, ensuring concentration and focus. Avoid spaces under staircases or next to bathrooms, use bright colors, and place the study table appropriately for a positive study environment.


In conclusion, incorporating Vastu principles in the design and construction of bungalows can contribute to a harmonious and balanced living environment. By aligning the structure with Vastu guidelines, residents may experience enhanced well-being, positive energy flow, and a sense of prosperity in their homes. The careful consideration of Vastu recommendations, coupled with any necessary remedies for existing imbalances, can contribute to a more holistic and auspicious living space for bungalow owners. Ultimately, embracing Vastu for bungalows can be a mindful approach to creating a residence that fosters not only physical comfort but also spiritual and emotional well-being

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