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Vastu for Factory: Increased Productivity, Growth, and Profit with Industrial Vastu


Vastu for Factory and Industries The principles and aspects of Vastu are applicable to every place where we spend a significant part of our day. This includes not only our homes but also our workplaces. Whether it’s our offices, industrial plants, manufacturing units, shops, or showrooms in commercial complexes, every space emits a certain energy … Read more

Vastu for Flats and Apartments: Must-Follow Guidelines

vastu for flats and apartments: must follow guidelines

Vastu for flats and apartments, the focus is on establishing equilibrium between the internal and external spaces, allowing for a harmonious energy flow. Prior to making a real estate investment, it is paramount to ascertain whether the chosen flat or apartment complies with Vastu principles. Regardless of whether the property is a modest 1BHK or … Read more

Vastu for Kitchen: 9 Tips to Attract Positivity at Home

vastu for kitchen:9 tips to attract positivity at home

Vastu for Kitchen, where the kitchen plays a significant role within Indian homes as the wellspring of our daily energy, with each appliance in your kitchen holding value. When arranged based on Vastu principles, the kitchen can contribute to a positive atmosphere, in accordance with Vastu Shastra, where the proper placement of the kitchen is … Read more

Vastu for Shops : 9 Important Tips to Enhance your Business

vastu for shops: 9 important tips to keep in mind

Vastu for Shops Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural science in India, profoundly influences building design. It holds significance for achieving shop success. Adhering to Vastu guidelines fosters positivity, teamwork, and financial stability, averting issues. Amidst today’s fierce competition and shifting markets, conventional shops face challenges, amplified by online enterprises. To enhance your shop’s prosperity, adopt … Read more

9 Vastu Tips for Promoting Good Health and Well-Being at Home

9 Vastu Tips for Promoting Good Health and Well-Being at Home

Good health and well-being at home can be achieved with 9 Vastu tips! Create a harmonious space that enhances physical and mental wellness. Align your home with Vastu principles to foster positive energy, balance, and tranquility. Embark on this journey to improve your health and well-being within your own comfort. Plants at home Bring nature … Read more

15 Vastu Tips for Money and Prosperity: Enhance Your Luck and Happiness

15 vastu tips for money and prosperity

Welcome to 15 Vastu Tips for Money and Prosperity: Enhance Your Luck and Happiness. Here, we will explore powerful Vastu principles that can attract wealth, prosperity, and positive energies into your life, fostering luck and happiness along the way. Let’s dive into these valuable tips to create a harmonious and abundant living space. Attract Wealth … Read more

Where to Keep Your Money and Gold as per Vastu

where to keep your money and gold as per vastu

Where to keep your money, gold, and property documents as per Vastu? Discover the optimal location in the southwest corner to store these valuable assets for attracting wealth and abundance. According to Vastu Shastra, placing them here enhances positive energy, ensuring stability and fostering financial prosperity. Embrace Vastu principles for security and a prosperous future. … Read more