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Ugadi Celebration 2021 Rashi Phala By the famous Astrologer in India

Happy Ugadi to one and all from one of the famous astrologer in IndiaPandit Pavan sharma Guruji,  and the entire  Samruddhivastu Family.

We Indians celebrate the joy of everything in terms of Festivals. Ugadi, a festival that indicates the beginning of new age or new Yug(new era). This festival is considered as a Hindu new year in many southern parts of India. People of Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh call this festival as Yugadi or Ugadi likewise it is called as Gudipadva by people of Maharashtra, Cheti Chand by Sindhis, Visu by Tamilians.

Let us know the best way to celebrate Ugadi festival by a best astrologer of Banglore, Pandit Pavan Sharma Guruji. 
On this day consuming  Jaggery and Neem is a ritual. The reason behind this is, we get good and bad things in the path of our life, we must accept them equal and move on in life.
Important vidhi vidhans of celebrating the Ugadi Festival:

Mantra to be chanted on this auspicious day
“Shatayur Vajradehaya Sarvasampathkarayacha
Sarvarista Vinashaya Nimbakam dala bhakshanam”

you may watch this video below to understand more about ugadi 2021 celebration and about Mantra

This mantra should be chanted when we finish the pooja and take prasada (Neem and jaggery).
Meaning: Shatayur (100 years) Vajradehay (body): Attain a healthy body,
gain good wealth and stay away from negativity.

How the festival is celebrated?
Ugadi is celebrated in the month of April. The festival falls according to the lunisolar calendar. Every one at home welcome the first day of new year with great celebration.
Ugadi Pachadi is the special dish prepared on this day. The special dish is made using ingredients like raw mango, neem, jaggery, tamarind with chilly and salt in it. Other popular dishes are also prepared including bobbatlu, holige, puliogure, and pulihora. Besides this, people also display a chain of mango leaves on their door to welcome happiness in their life.

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