Simple Vastu Tips regarding North east wall for Success and happiness


Simple Vastu Tips regarding North east wall for Success and happiness

We Indians follow the Vastu shastra from out ancient ages. We believe Vastu helps in bringing positive energies. Vastu tips can be followed while constructing the home or office as well as if the building is already constructed no need to worry, just need simple tips which can make big difference in one’s life.

Have you or any of your family member felt low without any reason? 

Vibes and energies from different aspects around us create this feeling.

That aspect may be a simple wall colour painted on the walls of your home or a simple object on the wall like photo.

Let us see which colour and objects complements the wall that lies in Northeast direction to bring good vibes and happiness.


North east wall in our home or office plays an important role to bring the good vibes.

The objects that go well on Northeast wall are


Photo of God

Items with water

Images with Squirrel, etc.

The colour of the wall on northeast should be plain white or sun shine colour, these colours help in creating positive energies in home.

You can observe these energies working with solving the problems related to husband wife fights or childlessness.

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