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Simple Vastu Tips for keeping Tulasi plant at home: Benefits of Tulasi Plant

Tulasi plant has an auspicious significance in Hinduism, it is not only a plant for Indians, it has devotional factor attached with it. The plant is mentioned as Tulasi Maate or Maata(Goddess Tulasi). Tulasi also known as Holy basil, is a considered as a queen of herbs in India.

Vastu shastra is believed widely in India, according to vastu shastra the inside your house should be kept in correct directions. So let us watch the video and know in which direction does Tulasi plant should be kept to get all the benefits of the plant.

According to vastu shastra north, north-east direction is suitable for the plant. This helps in destroying negative energies and creates positive vibes in home

There two types of Tulasi: Krishna tulasi and Lakshmi tulasi.

It is said that the Tulasi plant should be grown with care, it should not get dried when it is in home,this considered to bring bad luck.

There are plenty of benefits of tulasi and hence is used in Ayurveda and naturopathic medicines. It is like a sanjeevani mountain.

It helps in beating the cancer, heart diseases, quit smoking, hear loss, healthy skin, heals respiratory problems and the list goes on on.

Meanwhile, have a look at the video for more such tips:

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