What is Panchanga bhavishya

In Hinduism, Astrology panchanga means five parts. Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, yoga, and Karana are the five parts. Panchanga is like a Hindu Almanac (a complete guide) that gives required data for the study. For starting any good work choosing a good day is still a practice in India.

How and Whom To Contact?

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Five parts of Panchanga

• Vaar (Din) Vaar or Din is a day of the week

• Karan

• Tithi (Lunar day) Tithi is a nothing but a day according to the hindu lunar calendar

• Nakshtra(Constellation) Nakshatras are the stellar constellations or Lunar mansions

• Yoga

Importance of Panchanga in Astrology

  • Most of the Hindus use the Vedic calendar or Panchaga from year ago. We do have Gregorian calendars in use in the modern days but Panchanga has not lost its significance.
  • In India any auspicious occasions like naming ceremony, marriage, starting new venture etc are performed by consulting an astrologer for selecting an appropriate time, who gives an idea of time and rituals to be followed before commencing any good work.
  • Panchang is basically used to know the good time or day for a particular person depending upon the planets position in person and the current position of the planet. This method of starting any good thing is considered as to increase the chance for success by minimize the obstacles or problems that might arrive on the way.
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Pandit Pavan Sharma Guruji

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