Stones can change your Destiny

 Lucky stones, have you heard of a stones that change few things in your life in a positive way?  Sometimes we face unbearable and take us to the depressed state. This tough time need some divine help. Gem stones or a lucky stones  act as a magical factor in this situation. Know your lucky stone as These stones are considered to change the desti

Why to contact experts before wearing Stones

Its necessary to know about the gemstone you are going wear if that is going to give good or bad effects according to your horoscope, Otherwise, in the case of opposition, that can also do harm rather than benefit. So if you want to wear a gemstone do consult an experienced astrologer before you wear them.

9 Special Stones

Ruby represents the sun,

 diamond represents the Venus,

Pearl represents the moon,

 blue sapphire represents the Saturn,

Coral represents the mars,

 hessonite represents the Rahu

Emerald is for mercury,

cat’s eye represents the Ketu.

Yellow sapphire represents the Jupiter,

On what bases the Stones are recommended to wear?

Astrologers go through your janma kundali and check for the 1st , 5th, 9th house lords know as yoga karak planet. When these place are weak you face problem in certain areas. Depending on the position of plantes in these houses, above mentioned stone are recommended to an individual.

Importance of Stone astrology

People who consult and wear these stones are on the beneficiary side in all the areas of life.

They tend get success in Business, education, healthy marital life and many more.

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Guruji has addressed many such cases with help of Astro horoscope and Vedic astrology. If you are facing the same problem consult Guruji now as he is available for online astrology consultation over the call. 

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