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Lakshmi Mantra: To Attract Money and Success

“Lakshmi” is a word derived from Laksha meaning goal.
Who doesn’t want to welcome Lakshmi to their homes?
Who doesn’t want to be rich and enjoy everything that they desire?
Everyone out there, right?
Here we have a mantra for attract Lakshmi just by chanting Lakshmi and Vajreshwari mantra.
Lakshmi mantra is to know your laksha and reach your goal. This mantra is well known as Money Mantra or Money-making mantra.

“Om Padmavati Padam Kushi, Vajra-Vajram-Vrshi Pritish Bawanti Bawanti.”

One should chant this mantra on Monday or Tuesday mornings for 48 to get mercy of maata Lakshmi and attract her toward your home.
By chanting the Lakshmi mantra for 48 time repetitively an intense vibratory energy is produced which helps in attracting the fortune.

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