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Shri pavan sharma guruji is originally a family of astrological and religious background from raichur district lingasgur taluk. Shri pavan sharma guruji’s grand father devendrappa shastri had possessed a profound mastery of astrology and vedic science. Over time, his family moved from lingasgur to Bangalore. Shri pavan sharma guruji’s father parashuram pandit has gained considerable scholarship on astrology and Vedas. Thus, shri pavan sharma guruji has got astrology lineal descent from his ancestors.

Shri pavan sharma guruji is the first of three children of mr. and mrs. Sharanamma parashuram pandit. Gurji’s brother kunal chakravarthi and sister bhoomika have chosen their own professions. Shri pavan sharma guruji continues astrology.

Jyotishya shastra

pavan sharma is a very naughty and shrewd boy since childhood who was good at sports, studies and curricular activities as well. Like the proverb that the first school is home, pavan sharma was taught astrology and other Shastras at home by his father shri parashuram pandit. Initially pavan sharma  dreamed of becoming a businessman and a social worker, but pavan sharma family roots, background and legacy of astrology and vedic science and knowledge shared from his father, along with it pavan sharma spent long time on researching on vedics and shastras made him motivated to lay a great path in astrology and religious field. Since from 14+ years shri pavan shamra gurji serving for people in the same astrology and guiding many families for the common peoples well being.

Awards and Recognition

Shri pavan sharma guruji helped  many people in karnataka and other states of india and they had gained loads of love and respect from everyone. Shri pavan sharma guruji awarded as ‘jnananidhi’  in jyotisha sammelana (astrological conference) held at mysore for their Unprecedented achievement in astrology. Shri pavan sharma guruji honored with doctorate in astrology research conference held at Kolkata for their works of the good of mankind.

pavan sharma guruji

Community programs for world welfare

The Vedas say that puja becomes fruitfulness, If a country is to be healthy, prosperous, happy and peaceful, Frequently the worldly welfare work must be done without any personal selfishness or interest.Because nowadays this kind of social services are seen very minimal. So this made Shri pavan sharma guruji to start a trust ‘samruddhi’ through which they have organized many social services, people’s services and world welfare programs.

Every year samruddhi trust Recognizes about 3000 students from economically weaker families in society and donates free notebooks, pen, pencils and other necessary things for their education.

Srhi pavan sharma guruji has sucessfully conducted ‘ shri shreenivasa kalyanotsava’ and ‘navadurgi chandika yaaga’ at bangalore palace ground which were witnessed by thousands of people and millions of people praise guruji for their work and contribution for society.

Past from 12+ years, shri pavan sharma guruji giving shows in RED FM and Radio FEVER have gained the recognition as astrology R J by providing solutions to these shows callers. Sri pavan sharma guruji’s FM programs got their fame not only in Karnataka but also in other states as well. Shri pavan sharma gurji got followers as Bangalis living in Bangalore and other states. Like the proverb ‘kereya neerannu kerege chelli ’Apart from astrology, shri pavan sharma guruji also involved in social services so many well known cinema stars, famous politicians, businessmen and common peoples come to shri pavan sharma guruji for solutions to their problems, and they have

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Panchanga Bhavishya

The five organs of Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana are called Panchanga,

Vastu Shastra

In the ancient heritage of India, temples and houses were built on architectural basis. The same is still the norm today The prevailing.

Stone Astrology

if you wear appropriate crystals based on the horoscopes and figures of individuals, success and success can be achieved.

Samruddhi Ayur

The ancient ayurvedic solutions to all the healthcare needs under the guidance of  shri pavan sharma guruji.

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