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Importance of Cardinal directions

The Vastu shastra is very important stream of astrology. We Indians have strong influence of vastu shastra hence most of the Indians build their home or office according to vastu shastra.

Placing the right thing in direction is very essential in vastu shastra. Hence understanding the cardinal directions and their significance is imperative.

Cardinal Directions

Main cardinal directions or points and their denotations are North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W)

The intercardinal also called the intermediate directions are

northeast (NE)

southeast (SE)

southwest (SW), and

northwest (NW).

Further these eight directions are compounded and are known as intercardinal direction

North-northeast (NNE)

East- northeast (ENE)

East -southeast (ESE), etc

It is very important to know the significance of each of these cardinal directions, knowing which direction will result into what? What is the major difference between these? Is important.

Here let us know difference between East-northeast and North -northeast

People always get confused between East-northeast and north-northeast.

East-northeast indicates the sons of the family gain the name, fame and achieve success while north-northeast indicates the growth of elder son or the owner of the family. They have a good jalyoga.

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