FAQ(Frequently asked question)

Astrology helps in two plane. one material, this helps to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses. On other side it helps in spiritual plane,  where it helps you to understand the mission in this life. If you believe in Astrology it will surely helps you to get through the difficulties.

If you believe science you can believe Astrology too as its a super science. Some important discussions on the same can be seen in the following link .

Astrological predictions are all dependent on the human being’s behavior.  Astrology provides clear picture of human being, but only a competent astrologer can interpret the picture correctly. Predictions of astrologer may go wrong, this does not depicts the failure of astrology. Its a mistake by astrologer. 

Past, present and future are all interconnected. Past deeds affects the present hence with present future predictions are possible. 

You can rely on any of the above, until you feel you are being guided correctly. 

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