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How and whom to contact ?

One of the best astrologers in Bangalore shri Pavan sharma guruji is the right person to contact at such tough times. Guruji is now available at one call away. Online astrology consultation over the phone has made possible to solve many devotees’ problems during the pandemic time.

Role of the stars and planets behind no child

The role of star and their planets, the role of planets in the horoscope which is responsible for a child is important to understand.

Hence understanding the astrological analysis related delayed child birth or childlessness will help clear the problem associated with the child house in a horoscope.

Astrological reasons for childlessness

  • There could be multiple reasons for childlessness.
  • It is said that Jupiter is the Putra karaka planet, when this planet denies, the couple may face these problems.
  • To get the detailed information Guruji would be the best person to contact

NO Child In Birth Chart ?

Leave Worrying about childlessness and talk to guruji on this problem

He is the right person to provide you instant help astrologically for resolving this problem

Detailed studies have to be done related to childless couple. This makes the things clear regarding the child house in a horoscope

Further what can be done will be guided by our astrology expert Shri Pavan Sharma Guruji

pavan sharma guruji
Pandit Pavan Sharma Guruji

Guruji has addressed many such cases with help of Astro horoscope and Vedic astrology. If you are facing the same problem consult Guruji now as he is available for online astrology consultation over the call. 

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